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Summary of themes from Metalocalypse

The Curse of Dethklok:  Doing things yourself is brutal
Dethwater:  Being on a sub with Murderface is brutal
Birthdayface:  Birthdays are brutal
Dethtroll:  Technology is brutal
Dethkomedy:  Comedy is brutal
Dethfam:  Parents are brutal.
PerformanceKlok:  Therapy is brutal
Snakes n' Barrels:  Reunions are brual
Mordland:  Fans are brutal
Fat Kid at the Detharmonic:  Being a parent is brutal
Skwisklok:  Pressure and perfectionism is brutal
Murdering Outside the Box:  Being a Klokateer is brutal
Go Forth and Die:  Exams are brutal
Bluesklok:  Depression is brutal
Religionklok:  Religion is brutal
Dethkids:  Being a kid is brutal
Dethclown:  Clowns are brutal
Girlfriendklok:  Having an emotionally abusive partner is brutal
Dethstars:  The film industry is brutal
The Metalocalypse Has Begun:  Fan attacks are brutal
Dethecution:  Living in fear is brutal
Dethlessons:  Rivalries are brutal
Dethvengeance:  Piracy is brutal
Dethdoubles:  Being a body double is brutal
Dethfashion:  The fashion industry is brutal
Cleanso:  Kicking a habit is brutal
Dethwedding:  Marriage is brutal
P.R. Pickles:  Publicity is brutal
Dethcarraldo:  Nathan's ancestors are brutal
Dethgov:  Politics are brutal
Dethrace:  Driving is brutal
The Revengencers:  Hospitals are brutal
Klokblocked:  Being cockblocked is brutal
Dethsources:  Being unappreciated is brual
Dethdad:  Facing the past is brutal
Snakes n' Barrels II:  Sobriety is brutal
Dethrecord:  Meeting deadlines is brutal
Dethrelease:  Having your house raided is brutal
Renovationklok:  Moving on is brutal
Tributeklok:  Poverty is brutal
Dethhealth:  Going to the doctors is brutal
Dethmas:  Christmas is brutal
Fatherklok:  Father abandonment is brutal
Fertilityklok:  Pretending to like someone is brutal
Dethsiduals:  Getting a taste of your own medicine is brutal
Rehabklok:  Rehab is brutal
Dethzazz:  Being dependent on something is brutal
Doublebookedklok:  Being the CFO of the world's seventh largest economy is brutal
Fanklok:  Fandoms are brutal
Diversityklok:  Racism is brutal
Prankklok:  Pranks/losing what you've worked for is brutal
Motherklok:  Trying to impress hard-to-please people is brutal
Bookklok:  Living in someones shadow is brutal
Writersklok:  Being a woman is brutal
Dethcamp:  Being bullied is brutal
Dethvanity:  Aging/appearance insecurity is brutal
Going Downklok:  Sexual fustration is brutal
Dethdinner:  Keeping up appearances is brutal
Breakup Klok:  Band breakups are brutal
Church of the Black Klok:  Finding out you're part of an age-old prophecy and having to defeat an Eldritch abomination, only to have your rhythm guitarist kidnapped is brutal
Doomstar Requiem:  Brotherhood is brutal
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