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Anonymous: i get really worried about you sometimes and i want you to be happy but you're all not happy and i can't do anything about it


So messed up, always will be fucked, I can’t take it all i just can’t it’s all wars in my head and I’m either going to become comfortably numb forever or sad and I can’t take life…haven’t I been through enough? :/ ….I just want to die so bad….I won’t and am gonna always continue but I’m a wreck, I’m so bad always, fuck me ugh just fuck me

Anonymous: Life has its ways of sorting things out, I can assure you that things might seem bad right now but as long as you remember that little statement things will sort themselves out. Unfortunately the worst things happen to the best of people, but really you should smile because I meant that. :)


Anonymous: You're very good looking and you should have a smile upon that face of yours :)

It means a lot :) Just made my morning…I just wish stuff was simple, but it’s really not and stuff always hits me at odd or wrong times or weird ugh I dunno, just wanna feel good…

Can someone please cheer me up ugh I really fucking need it…I really fucking do :(

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